09 July 2011

MCP Project 52 Week 27/52 - Natures Finest

I had just received my order of butterfly tattoos and intended covering myself in them for my 365 Self project, when I thought I could use them for this weeks theme too. I wanted to sit in a field of flowers covered with butterflies but when I got to the field in question, most of the flowers had finished. Luckily it seemed to work just with the foliage and I did have flowers on my dress so that kind of counts!

I added the Orton effect and then faded the colours using Faded Daguerrotype effect. I know a lot of my photos have these muted colours, but I just love them!

Here are some reject shots that didn't quite make the grade:

1 comment:

Angeline said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I think it works really well without flowers because you seem to disappear into the foliage as if you are part of it.

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