18 November 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 123-126

Day 123

Seeing as the 365 Scientist is so keen on saving up for that Blackberry, he suggested carrying out some household chores in return for pocket money. Any excuse not to do the endless sweeping and cleaning is great for me!

Day 124

The 365 Scientist did his bit for Rememberance Day today. He observed the 2 minute silence and thought about the sacrifice that all those killed in times of war made for us.

Day 125

It has been raining a lot today and the 365 Scientist got quite concerned about our Halloween pumpkin that is still sitting in the garden. He thought it might be cold and hungry so he took him a plastic hat and a bag of Chilli tortilla chips! Isn't that thoughtful!

Day 126

Looks like the 365 Scientist has discovered the lure of the National Lottery! He looks quite excited at the prospect of winning millions of pounds. He did tell me though that if he wins he'll buy his Blackberry and give the rest of the money to charity!

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