12 November 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 115-118

Day 115

The 365 Scientist had read an article that says talking to your plants can help them grow. I'm not totally convinced by his choice of book but reading to our Peace Lily certainly can't do any harm!

Day 116

Now I know the 365 Scientist put a scarf on his Christmas list for Santa, and that Christmas is a long time away, but I don't think stealing a scarf from Diesel the Moose's neck is a very nice thing to do.  Poor old Diesel. I shall have to intervene.

Day 117

I was very cross with the 365 Scientist for his behaviour yesterday so I had to send him to the naughty step. He looks pretty fed up about it but I hope he'll learn his lesson.

Day 118

To make up for his behaviour the other day and to say sorry, the 365 Scientist baked Diesel a special lemon tart.

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