14 November 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 119-122

Day 119

The 365 Scientist wanted to celebrate Bonfire Night so we had our own little bonfire and sparklers in the garden! 

Day 120

The 365 Scientist just checking the football results on his Blackberry. Well, strictly it's not his Blackberry, but he was allowed to play at being a businessman for a little while at least!

Day 121

Oh dear, looks like the 365 Scientist does want a Blackberry now after borrowing one yesterday. He pointed out the exact one in the Argos catalogue. I think that might be a little out of my price range right now - hope he wont be too disappointed.

Day 122

After deciding on which Blackberry he wanted to buy, the 365 Scientist thought it was best to start saving. I found him this little safe (with a combination lock and everything!) and he locked all his savings, including some buttons and a duckie, inside.


Jenny Blair said...

Heehee! Love the little pink duckie and the mini bonfire...he is such a busy guy is the 365 scientist :)

Loudlife said...

I gave Mr. 365 Scientist a small shout out on my Facebook page - hope that's okay. The pictures are so adorable! Let me know, if it's not okay.


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