20 April 2013

R is for Rock

When people ask me what type of music I like I usually answer rock. I like all sorts of different types of music, but rock is the main genre. Or so I thought. From my answer I think a lot of people probably imagine that I like Metallica, AC/DC or The Who. But I don't. So I looked up some of my favourite 'rock' artists on Wikipedia to see how they were actually defined. I didn't realise how many genres and sub-genres of rock there were! Apparently I like a bit of rock and roll, some psychedelic rock, lots of alternative rock, a little Britpop, post grunge and post punk, rap rock, nu metal, post-Britpop, emo, garage rock and digital electronic rock. Wow.

Here are a couple of my alternative rock (or is that post-Britpop)  favourites to get you through the day.

Feeder - Insomnia

My Vitriol - Grounded

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