02 April 2013

B is for Blogging

When I first started this blog back in 2008 it was supposed to be all about my sewing and my Etsy plush creations. I didn't really want to share any of my personal life, and I wouldn't have dreamed of posting a photo of myself online. Five years on and my banner has a big photo of me (albeit slightly hiding) and my posts often mention things about my life and the photos I take rather than any sewing at all. I've changed a lot since I wrote that humble little opening post and my blog has changed too. For one, it looks a lot smarter than it did (which isn't difficult), but it still isn't the beautiful, interesting popular site I dream of.

So why not? Well it's probably due to laziness and procrastination. I have a vision but I can't quite work out where to begin and how to achieve it, so nothing much happens at all. Well I want that to change. I'm hoping this A-Z challenge will help me to work out what people want to read about how I can improve it - any tips or comments would be really welcome! (And if anyone else shares my woes).

For now I would like to share a link to some of the blogs that inspire me and look so effortless and perfect (not that I'm even the tiniest bit jealous)..........

♥ Little Chief Honeybee

♥ A Beautiful Mess

♥ Deliciously Organised

♥ Deer Little Fawn


Nancy said...

It's always a pleasure to follow another creative's blog! I look forward to reading your posts on our A - Z Blogging Challenge this month.

Amy Jarecki said...

How appropriate, B for Blogging! Pleased to meet you!

Talya Tate Boerner said...

I love your picture at the top of your blog. Very cute! And I love blogging:))

Kristen Dyrr said...

Your blog is just as cute! I love your top image too!

Michelle Devon (Michy) said...

B for blogging on a blog challenge--hey, that's great!

As for your blog not really being what you hoped--I sort of wonder if it's always that way. I've had my blog exactly perfect, gorgeous, just how I pictured it, and then a few months later, I'm wanting to change it all up again. I liken it to moving furniture in my house.

You're well on your way though--you have comments, you share others so you're paying it forward, and now you're doing the challenge which will get you posting every day without fail. Definitely on your way to whatever you define as success!

Good luck on that road!

Love and stuff,

Fur Will Fly said...

Thank you for your comments. I guess a blog is always constantly evolving with you, and I'm sure I'll never be perfectly happy with mine, but I plan on giving it a good go!

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