16 April 2015

N is for News

I'd like to make my blog slightly topical - not to say I want to write about the big issues happening in the world, but sometimes the smaller, or weirder, news stories I read online can inspire a blog post. For a while, when I was posting regularly, I did indeed post an 'in the news' topic each week. I wrote about robots and car eyelashes, all the important stories of the week.

I am not an avid news watcher. In fact, the only news I do watch is online. Most days I'll take a look at the BBC website, followed by the Telegraph. I admit that I only read the short interesting stories and often the 'most read' headlines. I love the weird news section on the Telegraph website, and their science stories. They can be much more inspiring and fun to write about than the heavier stories throughout the world.


Deborah Weber said...

I find odd bits of news strange and somewhat charming, as though reminding us both not to take things too seriously AND to make room for the mysterious.

Sheila said...

Yes, I agree that the smaller stories are usually more interesting. The big stories seem to get so much coverage that they end up boring me.

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