02 April 2015

B is for Blog Header

Your blog header is usually the first thing people see when they start investigating your blog. Therefore it should be something you put a fair amount of thought into. Done well, it can really represent you and your style. A good header can also make your blog appear more professional. I made mine using Paint and Photoshop - and once I had the right shot, it didn't take long at all to complete. Well, a day or so of fiddling, but that's only because I get extra fussy.

I'm actually pretty pleased with my blog header. It's not perfect but it says what I want it to - it clearly shows I like photography and the photo itself is in focus and nice and bright. I've had a number of different headers but the one I have now is my favourite, and for now is one thing about my blog I don't need to urgently fix! 


zannierose (a-z 1442) said...

YEP- YOU are an excellent demo of what you just wrote.
Do you have exhibitions?

Tami Von Zalez said...

It is a great blog header and an intriguing title. Hope you keep up with the Challenge!

Popped by from AtoZ.

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a new blog header. I love yours.

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