01 April 2015

A is for About Me

The About Me section of a blog can be a very important tool for gathering followers, or it can be completely irrelevant. Personally, If I’m reading a blog for computer advice or quick tutorials, then I don’t really care much about the author. That might be a little harsh, but I only really become interested in the author when I’m reading a lifestyle blog or something that deals with more personal issues. I like to read blogs by people who are similar to me or have shared interests. And if anyone else is like me then I need to spruce up my own About Me page.

Mine was written years ago. It isn’t even called ‘About Me’. In fact, I have 2 sections; ‘My Story’ and ‘Who Am I?’ which is confusing and unnecessary to begin with. By the end of April it’ll be fixed. I have ideas……….these are the questions I’d want to know the answers to………
  • Why is your blog called that?
  • Who is the person behind the name? How can I relate to you?
  • What is the blog about? Why would I want to read it?
  • Where else can I find the author online? 
Some tips for answering my own questions:
  • Succinct but interesting answers
  • Include some random facts to keep me interested
  • Remember a photo sometimes speaks a thousand words
I'll keep a look out for good About Me pages on the challenge blogs I visit. So this is homework for us all.


lilicasplace.com said...

Hi! Welcome to the A-Z Challenge! Hopefully it'll give you the push you need to jump start you back into the blogging habit.

I look forward to checking out more of your posts this month. (I need to overhaul my About Me posts on both my blogs too. Oops.) Have a great day! Eva, A-Z Minion for Lisa's Live Wires

Deborah Weber said...

Delighted to have found your blog through the A-Z challenge, and look forward to following your posts.

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