07 April 2015

F is for Followers

I have 152 followers as of writing this post. Most of these came from the first couple of times I completed the A-Z blog challenge. Some were from flickr groups and online courses I took. They were all from before I changed my blog title from ‘fur will fly’ to ‘flailing DORIS’, and I don’t even know if any are still active followers. It would be great to get some more followers, but for that I need to write more regularly. Perhaps then I can start actively looking for more. 

Then the question is, how do I get more followers? My brainstorming has come up with these ideas so far…..any others are very welcome!
  • Host a giveaway (entry is by following blog)
  • Link to new blog posts on social media – build up those followings first/as well. It’s easier to gain twitter or Instagram followers than blog followers
  • Follow and comment on other blogs
  • Post regularly
  • Label and tag posts with common keywords
  • Write about popular topics
  • Make it easy for people to follow you
  • Guest posts on other blogs or get other bloggers to guest on yours

1 comment:

betty said...

Visiting from A/Z. I have learned over the years of blogging that the best way to get followers (and followers that comment) is to develop relationships with other bloggers by reading their blogs and commenting regularly on them. It can be time consuming; other than A/Z challenge time, I usually only post once a week, but read (way too many) blogs daily that I comment on. I have found bloggers to be a finicky group of people. You don't comment on their blog, more than likely they aren't going to comment on yours, no matter how good the content might be that you share.

good luck :)


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