06 June 2012

Project 52 - Rings and Things

Out of all the types of jewellery, rings are my favourite thing to wear - I have lots of them in unusual shapes and styles, and some that mean an awful lot to me. I just couldn't think of a way to photograph them all, and my attempts at wearing as many as I could, didn't quite work out! 

My next idea was inspired by the bag of British-themed Haribo sweets I was bought over the Jubilee weekend. It contained lots of yummy jelly rings. My aim was to save them until the following day so I could make a photo out of them, but temptation won over and I scoffed the lot!

An impromptu trip to the local Aldi supermarket on Monday saved the day - here I spotted the last remaining bag of mini Party Rings! I used to loooove Party Rings, and here they were in mini form!! Perfect. My first photos were of them alone, but it was missing the 'and things' part of the theme. My brain suggested children's toys as a colourful accompaniment - and from there, my Alice in Wonderland children's party theme photo was born.

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