26 June 2012

Kan I du the Dukan Diet?

Firstly let me apologise for the terrible pun in the title. I've been meaning to shift a few pounds for a little while now, but the last straw came when I could no longer squeeze into my jeans. I am not going to buy a bigger pair, so I have no choice. I happened to see a book on the Dukan diet in a shop on my way home from holiday, and my mum knows someone who has lost a lot of weight on it, so I thought I'd give it a go.

So what is the Dukan diet? It's basically a low-card, high protein diet with 4 phases. You start with an attack phase which is protein only for 1-10 days. I've decided to do 5 days. I'm not looking too far beyond these 5 days for now, but I'll continue with it if I can see some weight loss. It will be tough - I love fruit and vegetables, but surely I can cope for a week?

Monday - Day 1

Breakfast: 1 x poached egg (Delia Smith's method is fantastic!)
                Smoked salmon

Snacks: 4 x seafood sticks

Lunch: 4 x slices bressaola
           2 x tiny haddock fillets rubbed with (too much) garlic
           Bowl fat free natural yoghurt + 1 tbsp oat bran

Dinner: Mussels
            Chicken breast
            Small bowl natural yoghurt

They were very alien plates of food to look at - I'm used to a whole plate of veg!

Day 2

B: Natural yoghurt + 1 tbsp oat bran (a new feature which has to be eaten every day)

S: 6 x seafood sticks

Lunch: 2 x poached egg
           Smoked salmon

Dinner: Basa fillets
            1/2 tin tuna in spring water
            Fat free toffee yoghurt

I have to say that it is going OK until late afternoon when hunger starts to set in, along with thoughts of what a rubbish dinner is in store! It's just not a meal. Anyway, I'm only really craving fruit, not chocolate or crisps which is usually what happens when I try to cut down. I think knowing I can't have any of those things is making it easier at the moment, rather than allowing myself a tiny amount of them. Right now (9pm) I am getting hungry again, but drinking lots of water. I'd usually tuck into some fruit right now. If this diet doesn't work I'll be annoyed.

If anyone has tried the Dukan diet and has any good meal tips or resources to share, I'd love to take a look! Please leave a comment below.

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