29 June 2012

Project 52 - Look Up, Mr Gull

Having been surrounded by seagulls down on the coast last week, I thought it appropriate to use one for the 'look up' theme. It never fails to amaze me how cheeky and greedy they can be, especially if you're a bit free and easy eating your food outside!

I managed to take this shot using only my kit lens (a 55-200mm lens is next on my photography wishlist!), which means it has been cropped down quite a bit. I was happy to discover that I'd done a good job holding the camera still in the wind! Mr Gull here might not be the prettiest bird, but I find him very interesting to look at all the same.

I used Camera Bag 2 and Picmonkey to process the image. 

My reject shots were the same image in black and white (but I felt you needed the colour around his beak and eye), and this one of the Devon flag flying high in the winds at sunset.

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