22 January 2012

Please Help Save Picnik!

If you're anything like me you've spent all weekend in grief, shock and anger at the news of the closure of Picnik. I still can't believe it. I use Picnik to edit pretty much all of my photos and am on it every day. I'm always telling people how great it is. I have it open on another tab right now, but it is tinged with sadness because we only have 3 months left together. This might seem like an overreaction, but many others feel the same, and there are angry comments being left on the Picnik blog and petitions to sign.

If you are affected in any way by the closure of Picnik, please sign this petition and lets hope somehow we can save it!


pixfix21 said...

i feel the ame as i use the for personal and buisness as soon as picnik closes im at my wits end as i dnt wanna use photoshop as picnik is cheap and easy to use tools are what i need were not just loosin picnik sme ppl like me will be stuggling n our job will suffer and uk is goin on about ppl been unemployed well there will be lots mre jobless ur not the only 1 that is greiving we all are its horrible i wish google would just atleast spere picnik atleast ow n google blackmailing us to use google+ soon they will get rid of facebook not happy at all :'(

Deborah Cardinal said...

It's a real shame. I only use it for a few things these days as it often crashes on my new laptop, but will still miss it. :(

I found this list yesterday of other similar sites to Picnik - not tried any of them yet but hopefully one of them might be alright.


Fur Will Fly said...

I'm hoping they might still reconsider but it doesn't look too likely. It does seem that google is trying to blackmail people into using google+.

Deb - thanks for that list. I will investigate!

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