05 January 2012

MCP Project 52 Weeks 48-52

Well the last few weeks of Project 52 2011 were quite sad actually. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and created so many unusual photos that I would never have thought of otherwise. I will be joining in with MCP Project 12 in 2012, which has a new theme every month instead of every week. I hope to come up with some fresh new ideas.

Week 48 - Twinkle Twinkle

My first attempt at creating bokeh shapes with light. It took a lot of attempts but I finally got a shot I was happy with. Seeing as I only have the kit lens I was pretty pleased with this. I added the cross filter to add some extra twinkle!

Week 49 - Traditions

Another first attempt this week - a clone shot. You can't tell how cold and windy it actually was this day, but I was very glad when the shoot was over, as my hands were almost completely numb. I used a great tutorial for Photoshop Elements, and it turned out to be quite simple to create in the end. 

Week 50 - Festive Colours

Some magic snow and a dustpan and brush were required for this one!

Week 51 - Holiday Cheer

This was another freezing cold day. I'd threaded all the foam snowflakes onto white cotton at home and carefully folded them all up to take with me, but naturally by the time I got to the woods they were all completely tangled up! Luckily there wasn't too much wind else this just wouldn't have worked at all.

Week 52 - What Life is All About

My last photo was this rather sad snowman shot. It fits the theme for me for a number of reasons - either that life is made up of fleeting experiences and people, or just the natural circles of life; birth and death etc etc. Very deep I know! It also gave me an excuse to get the magic snow out again too.

Here's a look at my years worth of photos all together:

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