11 January 2012

Ellenburg Photography Project 52 - yay!

I was so sad when the MCP Project 52 ended, and while I will be doing their new Project 12 this year, it just doesn't satisy my photographic urges. So thank god for Daphne at Ellenburg Photography who is running a new weekly themed challenge this year! The themes really test you to try new things with your photography, so I really encourage anyone reading this to join in too! If you're tempted at all, please have a look at the flickr group and the blog.

The theme for the first week was resolution. I've been making the same resolution most years since I was about 12 years old - stop biting my nails. It has worked in the past for anywhere between a day and 6 months, so while the odds on success are low, I will be trying extra hard this time (yeah yeah I here you cry). So to help keep me on track I photographed these pretty rainbow nail polishes. I just hope I get chance to use them this year. 

Post-processing: increased the highlight exposure using Picnik

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