14 September 2012

Fashion Find Friday!

I've always loved a good skull design, and there are quite a few around right now, just in time for Halloween I remember when I was a lot less brave with clothes I bought a skull print scarf that I loved, but was too self conscious to wear it. Now I'd be more than happy to wear any of these great skull designs!

Skull dress by Mela (at Yumi.com), £25

Cream Pagan Skull Tshirt by New Look, £7.99
Pink Skull and Heart Socks by New Look, £1.99

Skull Jumper by Missguided, £19.99

Skull and Rose Earrings by New Look, £2.99
Skull Lace Dress by Mela at Yumi.com, £25
Pink Skull Print Jumper by New Look, £22.99

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