07 September 2012

Fashion Find Friday!

I love a good heart pattern, and this week I found loads of them! (I even bought one...ssshhh). I'm also throwing in a few kisses for good measure......

First up is this  gorgeous jumper from ASOS.com - it looks so warm and snug, and makes me think fondly of the weather turning a bit chilly rather than dreading the winter.

ASOS, £35
Another ASOS find is this subtle jumper with heart shaped elbow patches - too cute.

ASOS, £22
I don't often splurge on a Yumi purchase, but I love this mustard cardigan and am tempted now it's £10 off! I have yellow hearts on my plush creatures and it seems like a sign!!!

Yumi.com, £40 reduced to £30

Time for a big sloppy kiss....

ASOS, £32
ASOS, £22
This dress from Miso at Republic was one I just couldn't resist, especially for £25. It has a gorgeous cut-out detailing on the back too. Really pretty.

Miso at Republic, £25
It seems hearts are really fashionable at the moment so I'm happy. I just need to find a yellow heart pattern dress - or perhaps I might even try to fashion one up myself - a touch of applique here and there!


Deborah Cardinal said...

Love that last dress - beautiful! & I think you should go for that Yumi cardigan :P

Fur Will Fly said...

Thanks Deb, I am tempted by the cardigan, but it is still quite expensive with the £10 off. I just can't decide!

Deer Little Fawn said...

Hey! Thanks for following my blog!
I love that mustard cardigan! :)

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