25 October 2010

A quick hello........

I just wanted to let you know that I will be writing more blog posts soon. Life has just taken over the last couple of weeks but I'll be back so please don't all run away now I've finally lured some of you in! 

I have been busy creating art as part of my Experimental Art E Course and I will be sharing my exploits with you soon - many photos are an my Flickr account if you'd like a sneaky peek! I have loved the Experimental Photography challenges in particular - waving the camera at lights and other fun projects - and I plan to sell some prints of these images in Photos Will Fly very soon.

Christmas is now only 2 months away! Time to start making Christmas stock and thinking about present buying. I'd love to be organised and get my shopping done by the end of November but I say that every year! Maybe some handmade gifts for loved ones, or buy some handmade gifts from Etsy? 

See you all back here soon!

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