29 October 2010

My current obsession!

I am easily obsessed by things - things I want to buy, things I want to do, the list goes on. My new obsession is cameras and photography. I've loved taking photos for ages now, and I have my favourite camera - my Sony HX5V which I love to bits, but I want more!
The macro feature on my Sony isn't great (only 10cm) and I was used to a better macro on my previous camera, so I bought a cheap Canon PowerShot A470 from Ebay a while ago because it takes super macro (cool name) photos at 1cm!! I'm so impressed with this setting. I'm thinking of doing a Macro 365 - for those who don't know, this means taking a macro photo every day for a year, and posting to a flickr group. Hoping to start this very soon.

Anyway, I was at my mums looking through some old photos from my childhood and beyond, when I realised how much I liked the old style photos - the way the colour is slightly odd and the edges are sometimes a little darker, and I asked my mum if she had any of their old cameras I could try using again. A few days later she appeared with a large Kodak cool bag full of cameras and films. The pride of the lot was my dad's Zenit EM camera, a manual SLR bought in 1977. Even the receipt was still there with the manual! I read through the book and realised this is one confusing camera! It took me well over half an hour to work out how to get the old film out and load a new one! I still don't know if I've even done it correctly. Aiming to start taking snaps soon.

I've also got my mums old camera, a Kodak ColorSnap 35, complete with sellotape to hold the case together! We're not sure if it still works as it looks like there is a shutter problem. Still, I've started a new film in there so I guess I just have to wait and see.

Well, my obsession continues........I discovered Lomography.com and just bought a Diana Mini with flash, a Holga 135BC (in purple!!!) and a Robot 3 lens camera  from eBay. The Holga takes photos with a vignette round them, the Diana Mini can take square photos or fit 2 small rectangular shots on 1 frame and the Robot takes 3 photos within a second in the same frame! You can also do multiple exposures on the Diana. Very exciting.

One day I want to save up for a digital SLR camera and lots of lenses......we can all dream I guess........


Jenny Blair said...

That certainly is a whole lot of camera's!! Atleast you openly admit you have an obsession! heehee!:)
That old Kodak one with the brown case brings back memories!! My mum and dad had the very same one (sellotape and all!!) took me immediately back to the family gatherings, picnics in the rain, saying cheese for half an hour till the perfect shot was captured...aaaah memories :)!!
Look forward to seeing how your photos come out!

Bumpo said...

I remember Cameras being held together with Sellotape too, clearly 'they don't make 'em like they used to' is a good thing.

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