16 October 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 87-90

Day 87

The 365 Scientist is missing the mild light evenings as much as I am. He did try to venture out in the garden for a cuppa this evening but it was just too dark and cold to sit out there. Roll on summer!

Day 88

The 365 Scientist carrying out some art appreciation of my work. Hope he is impressed.

Day 89

The 365 Scientist was a great help with my experiment today - that machine confuses me, but it was all in a day's work for him!

Day 90

After a couple of sales in my Etsy shop, the 365 Scientist and I packaged them up ready to take to the post office today.


Jenny Blair said...

Its great to discover you!! :) I have been smiling from ear to ear as I find out what the 365 scientist has been upto :) TOTALLY tickles my funny bone!! Your etsy shop is fab too! I love your creations! I look forward to seeing what other adventures the 365 Scientist gets upto!!

Anonymous said...

just found your blog, and followed you a while ago.. your plusshie is oh so cute.

Fur Will Fly said...

Thank you both soooo much! It's great to hear you are enjoying my blog and shop! Makes it all worthwhile!

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