06 October 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 79-82

Day 79

The 365 Scientist is sad about summer ending but is looking forward to all the fun that the colder months bring too. He decided to lap up the last bit of warmth in the garden by making a grass angel - think it works better in snow.

Day 80

The 365 Scientist trying to look cute and innocent after savagely biting the head off a poor defenceless jelly baby! Can't blame him really - they are very tasty, especially the pink ones!

Day 81

Oh dear, the 365 Scientist had a mouth ulcer today so he had to raid the medicine cupboard for some Bonjela gel. Good job I had some.

Day 82

The 365 Scientist managed to stress himself out this evening contemplating one of the big questions!

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