12 October 2010


I haven't written a new blog post for over a week, I am now officially behind with my experimental art e course, my house is a mess with art materials everywhere, it's getting cold and dark early, I've not done any sewing this week and I have to stay at work until late tonight (really annoying as I had my evening planned), and I'm now in a BAD MOOD.

Well, one good thing has come out of this - I've just had the idea to create a bad mood plush creature! He can have an angry, fed up face and maybe folded arms and slumped shoulders. Basically I can copy exactly what I look like now!

It's more annoying that I have to stay on late because I got in to work a bit earlier this morning especially as I was planning on going to the gym, watching the England footie match, writing some blog posts, listing a couple of items in my shop and finishing the collage I started the other day for my course. Now I won't get home until late so I'll have missed most of the football and probably be too tired to do much else except eat and take my 365 Scientist photo for the day.

Well, moan over. Although I still don't think I've explained how much I hate the fact it's getting dark so much earlier now - I despise winter and being cold all the time. Urrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh. Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yuk. 

1 comment:

Bumpo said...

aww dude that sucks, though missing the footy might be a blessin ;)

the bad mood plush sounds cool, give him a target on his face so you can punch him to release some pressure!

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