09 September 2008

What's the deal with the 1 eye?

If you've visited my Etsy shop, you've probably noticed that all my plushies have only 1 eye. And you've probably wondered, 'what's the deal with that?'. Well, read on my friend.

Finding my plushie style...

After Gumdrop I carried on making plushies out of my mum's cast off fabrics, and this is the rest of the first batch.

I kept designing more robots and funny shaped animals, but was starting to get a little worried. I just couldn't find my own style - they all looked pretty different and nothing tied them all together. Then I took another look at these guys and realised the answer was staring back at me (literally) - they all look so cute with 1 eye!

I started scribbling out the second eye in all my sketches, and suddenly they all looked like a crazy little family! I actually can’t even draw a 2 eyed plushie anymore – it just looks too weird!

See, it's not because I don't have enough buttons.

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