07 September 2008

How it all began...

Quite simply, I love cuddly toys. I always have done. As a little girl my bedroom was full of them, and they all had names and different personalities. I even put them into little friendship groups. I always had a favourite of course, and I still have her now. She is a knitted doll called Goldie, and has been through an awful lot. She lost an eye, got her hair all tangled up in knots, put up with being carried around by the neck for years, and was even hung up by her neck on a washing line. But she's survived to tell the story, and here she is:

I know she'd benefit from a bit of TLC but I can't bear to try and change her - I remember one day my mum tried to glue on a new felt eye and I threw a bit of a wobbler because she didn't look like my Goldie anymore!

I was also really into making-and-doing when I was little - something which I continued right through school, taking a GCSE in Textiles. Then I suddenly decided to study Science subjects at A-level, and my creative days appeared to be over. It wasn't until January of this year when I realised I was missing out on something I love doing, and decided to start a creative hobby again - with the hope of making a few pounds out of it too. I discovered Etsy, bought a couple of craft books and got my sewing machine out!

The first attempt

My mum gave me a huge bag full of odd scraps of fabric, a big tin of buttons and a packet of old Kapok stuffing and, after I'd reminded myself how to use a sewing machine, I got to work.

She might not look much to you, but this is Gumdrop, my first handmade plushie! I was very pleased with myself. In fact, I think I'll make a Gumdrop#2 soon, a bit more in keeping with my other plushies - she'll have to lose one of those eyes for a start.....

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