05 September 2008

My First Blog

Welcome to the Fur Will Fly blog.....

Now I confess I've got no idea what I'm doing with all this blog business, and have been stumbling around Blogger aimlessly for a few days just to get this far! Let's hope it's a steep learning curve.

When I first heard of blogs I did wonder what sort of saddos want to read the daily exploits of a bunch of self-obsessed idiots, writing about what colour socks they are wearing and where they went on holiday. And while I expect a certain amount of that does go on, since starting my little plush business, I now know how fab creative blogs can be and how fun they are to explore.

Although, I still feel a little silly writing this now - like I'm writing to an imaginery friend or something. It feels a bit weird. Well hopefully I'll get over it.

So, what is this Fur Will Fly anyway?

It's the name of my Etsy shop where I sell my handmade plush creatures. They're a bit odd, and each have their own story to tell. I get my inspiration from all sorts of places, from science (I studied Biology), TV shows and everyday objects!

Have a quick look in my shop to see if this is the blog for you...


Anonymous said...

Hi fur,
welcome to the blogosphere. I sted my first blog 2 weeks ago, and I know exactly how you feel. But people do catch on! Love your plushies!
Liz (MSOE)

Amanda said...

off to a great start! :)

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