20 September 2008

It's hard to say goodbye

I have to confess that when I first started making plushies to sell on Etsy, I wasn't totally convinced I could actually part with them! Generally once something has a face and a name, that's it, they're with me for life. Somehow I've managed to get over this and am happy sending my plushies off to a better life. After all, most of them are jetting off to America, and having much more fun than they would sitting on a shelf in Kent.
Although, every now and then, I list something that I'm secretly hoping won't sell and I'll have to keep forever! Sadly those plushies nearly always sell immediately, and our time together is cut short.

The plushie I've been most sad to see leave so far was Lionel the Leopard-Pig - I really had grown quite fond of him, with his cute little face and funny little tail. He flew off on his big adventure to America, and it was really tough for us left behind. However, it was all made a little more bearable when his new owner left feedback saying how much she adored him -that makes it all worthwhile!

Hope you're having fun out there Lionel!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

What a cutie!

I just tagged you on my blog!


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