12 September 2008

Discovering Etsy

I remember our first encounter like it was yesterday, those first hours spent together when everything was exciting and new....and it's still pretty damn great now! I'm talking about Etsy of course, and I'm sure most of you are already well acquainted. However, if you're not yet familiar with the site, please follow this link to find out more:

When I first started making plushies I planned to sell them on eBay, since I've already sold half my worldly goods on there, but I soon discovered that it wouldn't be as easy as I thought. There didn't seem to be a market for handmade goods on there, especially not toys. Most buyers (me included) have got that 'boot-fair attitude' too, where they want to pay 20p for everything and won't part with a decent sum of money.
So I found Etsy by searching on eBay, because someone selling handmade toys had a link to her Etsy shop. I soon discovered just how great Etsy was, and was so excited to open my shop and make my first sales!

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