06 March 2012

One Sentence Journal - 3rd-6th March

3rd: The third takeaway meal in as many days is not good news for my waistline - oops!

4th: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Huh? I didn't get it.

5th: It is so hard for me to ever be 100% about huge life changing decisions, but right now I'd settle for 75%

6th: My new favourite snack is a tiny bowl of dry Frosties (well, Asda's own) - there's nothing worse to me than soggy cereals.

And to avoid my blog looking messy, I think I'll start publishing a week of the One Sentence Journal in one neat post on a Sunday. I can still right it through the week and save it as a draft. It just looks too untidy and chaotic otherwise!

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