10 January 2011

Project 52 - Week 1

I just stumbled across another new project to take part in - the MCP Project 52. It is, as the name suggests, a photo-a-week project rather than a 365 photo-a-day one. I've got so many ideas for 365 projects but I just can't take on another one until my 365 Scientist one is complete, so this project is perfect. There should be no excuses. The best bit is that there are themes each week to try to capture in a picture so it adds an extra challenge. See the flickr group here.

I only found this yesterday after the first week was already over, but luckily I had taken a few pictures on New Years Day of my Christmas tree covered in the string from party poppers so I could use one of those as my week 1 photo for the theme 'Something Around the House'.

I took this with my Canon PowerShot A480 because it has a fantastic super macro feature. I played around with the photo afterwards (just using Windows Live Photo Gallery), making the colours brighter or duller and changing the exposure, but decided that the black and white image looked best. To me this is quite a sad photo because it is taken after all the festivities are over and everything has to go back to normal.

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