22 January 2011

MCP Project 52 Week 3/52 - Shades of Grey

This one was a chance photo I caught walking home from work. I loved how the TV's were abandoned alone on the pavement (a sign of the times!) and how everything in the shot was grey. It didn't really need to be made into a black and white shot at all. I played about with cropping the photo and then added a Holga /vignette efefct using Picnik, which I thought made it look a little like an old TV image and framed the photo well.

I toyed between adding this as my photo this week or a couple of shots I took of some steps in sunlight. See my reject photos to see if I made the right choice:

I has a tough time choosing my photo this week as I really like the stark look of this one, and the fact it is such a simple shot. It also means something more to me because I walk up and down these steps twice a day on my way to and from work, and have never seen them looking the way they do here (hard to explain what I mean!). Something so familiar looking so different.

Another shot of the same steps, but this one hopefully leads the eye upwards more, as if your embarking on a journey.

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