09 January 2011

New Year, New You - Prompts 1-8

My first week of journalling prompts, and I've actually kept up!

Prompt 1

The welcome page for my journal. The item I wouldn't normally use is the party popper paper (from my midnight celebrations!) - I thought it was appropriate.

Prompt 2

Prompt 3a

These are the things I am having to be to try to achieve my goals. Used the cut-out technique to create windows and a 3 page prompt.

Prompt 4

To show I don't have to be defined by my preconceived ideas, reservedness and what other's expect, I used a page from a book to write on. Ripping a page out of a book and writing on it still feels wrong to me, but I'm trying to get over it! It was a rescued book from a charity shop bought to use for art so it's OK really! Added the fabric in the same colour as the book print for some added interest.

Prompt 5

Starting my new season of creativity. Hoping to keep up all these techniques and achieve these goals this year. Used the masking tape technique which I think works really well.

Prompt 6

One of my goals for 2011 is to improve my fitness and keep going to the gym/doing lots of exercise.  So, towards that goal this week, I went to the gym (twice) and did a massive workout!

For this page I used tracing paper and mounted some cutouts behind it and some on top. I used the sewing machine to stitch a matching pink border all the way round.
Prompt 7

My mantra word for this year. It applies to everything I want to achieve - I won't get anywhere without motivation, and I tend to lack it at times.

And I've been working on creating new handwritten fonts this week, so trying a few out here.

Prompt 8

I finally managed to use the given 'dirty dozen' words to create this page. It was quite challenging!

I really like this picture (taken out of the Toast catalogue) as I can imagine standing there by the sea with the warm sun shining down and a slight breeze. Being by the sea is my favourite place and I do my best thinking there! Shame I don't live by the coast really.

1 comment:

Jenny Blair said...

Wow! You have been sooo busy and I LOVE all your journal pages..they look great! (I particularly love your welcome page with the party streamers and the stripes)
I hope you don't mind but I've awarded you a "stylish blog award"! If you fancy playing along come and see what you have to do! :)

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