05 August 2010

Welcome to me: Journaling for a cause - Prompt 1

As a way of freeing my busy mind and being creative at the same time, I've started journaling and have signed up to the Journaling for a cause 30 day challenge hosted by Janel at Runs With Scissors (see my previous post on the terror that is the blank journal page!). Well, I'm ready to share the details on my first page with you.......

I wanted to create a vintage feel to the page, and decided the best way was to use pages from some old books. Yes, I know, I felt the same way at first - it felt really wrong tearing the pages out to start with, but I had rescued the books from a lifetime on the shelf and years without even being opened, so I figured it was kind of OK. Now they get to live on!

I wanted to base my page around the picture from Sleeping Beauty. I had this Ladybird book as a child and I loved looking through all the beautiful pictures. I still have all my original Ladybird books but I wanted to leave them free from the scissors, so I scoured my local vintage toy shop and found a few for £1 each. One of the other books was called Your Body, from which this great advice came (worringly, it also describes me):

I also have a Big Book of Needlecraft from an Oxfam book shop, which the sewing machine came from (obviously to introduce myself as someone who enjoys sewing!), and the rather demure lady drinking her cup of tea. There's sometimes nothing better than a nice cuppa. The vintage style floral fabric adds a little flash of colour and hints at fabrics I enjoy working with.

As my first attempt at collage, I think it was a success; and a lot of fun too. 

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Rona Gregory said...

Hi this is really lovely, brilliant idea to scour shops for older books I can't bare to tear pages out of much cherished one I own. Have written note to self -look for interesting old books in goodwill stores you never know when they'll come in useful!


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