30 August 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 47-50

Day 47

A trip to the dentist today for the 365 Scientist. He was very well behaved and even managed to smile about it! Of course, he started discussing the science behind the perfect smile with the dentist. 

Day 48

Looks like it's not just me thats all excited about using an old rescued Zenith EM SLR camera then! The 365 Scientist couldn't wait to get it out of the case and read up on the instructions - and there certainly are some instructions to read up on, this thing looks super complicated. Maybe he can show me how to use it then.

Day 49

I know the 365 Scientist is anti-smoking but I don't think our guest will appreciate him throwing away his new packet of tobacco!

Day 50

After reading up on the benefits of making your house more energy efficient, the 365 Scientist looks like he's going to insulate my loft for me! Wow, thanks! 

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