12 August 2010

Plush Team Virtual Book Tour

The Plush Team annual is embarking on a Virtual Book Tour to let everyone know how great it is, and the next stop is with me, Fur Will Fly! So put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea, join a queue and get your bowler hat ready, because your headed to England........

I joined the Plush Team in April 2008 after only 4 months of plush making, so I was quite a novice really. Since joining the team I've learned so much, and have had the opportunity to take part in some really fun challenges and shows. When it came to choosing which of my plushie creations to feature in the annual I was a bit stumped - we had to choose those creations that were our favourites or those which best represented our style.

A lot of my plushies are based on something from the world of science, and I've made all sorts of things; from chromosomes to blood cells, and from Prozac capsules to anatomical organs, so I thought I'd share some of these in the annual! I threw in a few of my other favourite creations, including Tigsy the touring Tiger-Moose, and my double page spread was complete!

One of the things I get asked a lot is where do I get my inspiration from? I tackled this question in the annual, explaining that I draw my inspiration from anything and everything I see (and some things floating in my imagination too)! I love making plush versions of normal things - giving them a smile and an eye really brings those everyday things to life, and I figure, if it amuses me it might make someone else happy too!
To give you a better insight into my creative process, I've enlisted the help of my 365 Scientist, also referred to as 'Science Dude'. He and I are going to show you how we make an idea into a real life plushie.........
1) Have an idea!

2) Do some research.

3) Scribble the idea down.

4) Gather the fabrics and equipment.

5) Draw and cut out a pattern on greaseproof paper.

6) Cut out all the fabric pieces using the patterns.

7) Pin all the details onto the main pattern piece and sew into place. Add any other details including the smile and the button for the eye.

8) Pin the back and front together (right sides together) with the pattern, and tack around the shape of the pattern.

9) Sew together, leaving a gap.

10) Snip around the edges so it will look neat and turn the right way out.

11) Stuff using a knitting needle for those tricky parts.

12) Say hello to your new friend!

The completed plush red blood cell
We hope you've enjoyed your peek into the making process, and that you will be inspired to delve deeper into what the Plush Team has to offer. You can do this by picking up a copy of the Plush Team annual here, and by visiting the Plush Team blog for details of all the members' shops and all our challenges! 

Thanks for stopping by. I'll make sure to say hello to the Queen for you the next time I stop by for tea! Stay tuned to the Plush Team blog for details of the next stage of the tour.........


Felicia said...

I love Science Dude! He's an excellent tour guide/demonstrator.

Leeanna Butcher said...

LOVE the red blood cell- too awesome, and your science dude makes a great tour guide. :D

BeBe Babies said...

Reeeeally like this post!!! Science Dude is so cute. :)

Raggy Rat said...

what a fun post !
thanks !
cat xxxxx

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