13 August 2010

A charity shop find!

I love a bargain so it stands to reason that I love charity shops, car boot fairs and secondhand shops! I can spend hours scouring them for a quirky item to add to my collection or for unusual crafting supplies. Well since I've been getting into journaling and have been cutting up old books for my mixed media creations, I have reignited my love of fairy tales and big pretty princess dresses! I was really chuffed when I found this picture hiding in a charity shop for only £1.50!

My house is a bit of a mess at the moment, but I am going to be sorting and tidying the spare bedroom soon and putting in a new desk to create at. As soon as I do I will be putting my unusual pictures and mirrors (all rescued from such shops) in pride of place near my work area, and this one will definitely join them. 

I also found these gorgeous deer prints for £2 the pair in the same shop, which are just the right colours to go in my bedroom (when that is finished too - oh dear, so much to do.....).

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