26 July 2010

Journaling - the first blank page syndrome!

I'm very new to journaling and a couple of weeks ago I found myself sitting at the table in my garden, surrounded by pens and pencils, just staring at the first blank page in my new sketchbook! I didn't know where to begin.

So I started searching online for journal tips and I found that some of my flickr contacts were following a free 30 day journal challenge hosted by Janel on her blog. It was nearly over when I found it but I've printed out all the prompts (1 for each day) and I made a start on the first one which was to introduce yourself.

When I'm drawing or writing, I'm the sort of person that likes everything to be neat and tidy, and as near to perfect as I can get it, so the idea of just drawing straight into my lovely new book with a black permanent marker was soooo scary! But eventually I just jumped straight in and the ideas began to flow.

Here is my first attempt just with the outlines, followed by the completed and coloured in version! I just had to make use of my new Letraset Promarkers and Aqua Promarkers - they are fab! They've also reminded me why I loved colouring in so much when I was small.


Bumpo said...

haha, if i've learnt one thing from the doodle schmoodle challenge it's that i HATE colouring in! it's a nightmare, dunno how kids do it :P

Fur Will Fly said...

Oh no, you've gotta love colouring in! Finding it quite therapeutic - a bit like painting walls! Maybe I'm just odd?

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