16 July 2010

Doodle Day!

In the last month or so I have really rediscovered my creative spirit and have been trying out all sorts of new things. One of them is doodling! I used to love to draw when I was small, and I'd often play a game with my parents where you draw 3 random lines on a piece of paper and the other person has to make a drawing out of them. I remember playing that for hours and never getting bored! Well, when I was trawling Amazon for art/craft books, I found doodling books! I never even knew such a thing existed. So I bought a couple (yes I know they are for kids really) and have started messing about with them.

Basically, they give you either a part of a drawing and instructions on how to complete it, or they give you a few squiggles and you can make anything you want out of them. Then you can colour them in! And seeing as I've just bought some new marker pens, it gives me an excuse to try them out.

So I thought I'd share a few of my completed doodles with you each week. Nothing serious - just a bit of fun! And why not?

P.S. If you'd like to buy the books they are: Oodles of Doodles by Nikalas Catlow and Pocket Doodles for Kids by Bill Zimmerman & Tom Bloom.

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