22 July 2010

Doodle Schmoodle - Days 2 & 3

As part of the doodle schmoodle project day 2 was to draw your pirate self! At first I drew a blank, then I decided to draw a skull and the rest quickly followed. You'll notice that my pirate ship is of the cardboard variety - the best sort of boat there is if you ask me! I'm not a very seafaring, water-loving person I'm afraid.

Day 3 was much easier - all about hobbies. I have many things I love doing but I decided to represent my 2 current favourites - photography and sewing. This doodle pays tribute to my 2 amazing pieces of kit - my Sony HX5V camera and my Singer sewing machine. They've certainly put in some hours and I couldn't have half as much fun without them! Thank you!

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