19 July 2010

Doodle Schmoodle

I was bored at work, and easily distracted by fun plushie stuff, when I found a free doodling challenge on Betty's place blog! When I read that she is a bit on the childish side too, I knew I had to sign up! I've just started journaling and doodling and mine are all quite basic and childish, so I was a bit worried about taking on journaling challenges! I'd love to do both types of drawing - the real-life sketching and the fun doodling, and I'm going to make an effort to expand my range of creative skills.

I'm looking forward to this 30 day challenge, and I hope to share some of my pages on here and in the flickr group (if I'm brave enough that is!). I'm also looking forward to this because I get to meet likeminded people, and to know that it is OK to have these hobbies and it's not something to be embarassed by, just because it's not considered 'proper art'.

1 comment:

Bumpo said...

Doodlings the future!

it's funny, it was the childish bit that sold me too :)

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