01 November 2011

My happy halloween!

As I wrote in a previous post, I love Halloween! This was the first year that I properly decorated my house for it, and I will definitely do it again - there are so many brilliant things in the shops these days. Yes it is a very commercial holiday but I actually don't see anything wrong with that, although I also love learning about the real origins of Halloween, and have been fascinated by witchcraft and the unusual since I was little. Not saying I believe in any of it as such, but it is a great subject to read about!

I thought I'd share with you some snaps from my house and my little trips to the woods for photos. The real stars of the show were my fake crows (from Asda Living) which seemed to freak people out more than I expected (I love them!) and the fake stage blood I picked up from eBay! I had a grand total of 5 carved pumpkins this year too, along with 2 tiny munchkin pumpkins!

My 365 Self project has even been taken over by the Halloween theme for the last week, and I've still got some scary-themed photo ideas coming up too! I will share them here soon!


That Girl Designs said...

How fun is all of this Halloween goodness. Great job with all of these.

Deborah Cardinal said...

Crikey, you really put the effort in - it all looks amazing!

I couldn't do anything for Halloween this year because my parents are very religious and very against it! Hope I'll get to next year - I love it too :D

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