26 November 2011

MCP Project 52 Weeks 44-46

Week 44 - Muted Tones

After looking around my house for possible muted colour items I could photograph for this theme, I settled on Walter the bear. He's a bit scruffy but he is getting on a bit. I sat him on my windowsill and I thought the way the light hit his face made him look thoughtful and kind of sad. Maybe that's just my imagination.

Week 45 - Book Title

I love the old copy of Black Beauty I thrifted a few weeks ago, and thought it would make a great shot alongside my little black horse.

Week 46 - Over the Top

There are so many different meanings of 'over the top' but the one that came to my mind first was from World War I, used to describe the process whereby infantrymen emerged from their trenches and scrambled into No Man's Land to attack the opposing enemy trenches. This also seemed appropriate because of Remembrance Day. So this is my interpretation.

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