18 October 2011

MCP Project 52 Weeks 39-41

Week 39 had the intriguing theme of Man vs Nature. I decided it would make a good shot to take my ridiculously high heels (which I cannot even stand up in!) to the woods for a photoshoot but I just didn't have the time so I made do in the garden. Still, my interpretation of Man vs Nature is high heels!

A Taste for Vintage was the theme for week 40. I love vintage style and old kitsch items so I knew I'd have loads of ideas for this one. I have a stck of vintage suitcases in my bedroom that I store things in, so I thought they'd make a great shot. Add a pair of my mum's platform shoes from the 60's/70's (which I then wore a lot in my late teens/early 20's) and a vintage scarf, and the photo is complete. Ideally it would have been great to get the shot on an open roadside or on a station platform but this wasn't practical for me this week. I used the selective colour feature on my camera (which is so much fun!) and then played about with some effects on Picnik to get the contrast I wanted.

I went back to my childhood for week 41 and its theme of architecture. My old box of Lego came out of retirement and I had fun building a little house for my mini Lego 'me'! In fact there was a half built house already in the box from way back when, so I used those foundations for my new build!

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