19 October 2011

Looking to Fall Forward

The last few weeks have been tough - with one thing or another breaking, falling apart or just being difficult. I didn't want to bring the happiness levels down on my blog so I took a little break from posting. To be honest, things aren't much better now but I have strategies in place and plans for things to be fixed. The next few months/year is going to be just as tough I know, but I'm hoping to use my blog as a sane happy place where I can just forget all the serious stuff and enjoy the positive!

There are a few things in the pipeline to look forward to:

1) Halloween - I love it! I remember when I was little I'd disappear upstairs, change into a scary costume (well, a sheet with holes or a witches hat) and then sneak downstairs to jump out and scare my dad! That was about it for Halloween back then. I've always loved it but rarely celebrated it for some reason. I did go to a fancy dress party a few years back dressed as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (an outfit which will probably make a reappearance soon!), and last year was my first pumpin carving! But this year, for noone else but me, I am going to decorate the house and cook some Halloween themed food! 

2) New cloth art dolls. I just hadn't had the urge or motivation to do much sewing for ages so I decided to work on some new designs for my We Will Fly shop. So far the shop hasn't been a success - I listed some things last year and renewed a few times but have pretty much ignored it for months. I want to relaunch with some new. more rustic, designs and a new shop image.
Here is a sneak peek at a prototype in progress:

3) Autumn leaves. I need to find somewhere to photograph all the autumn colours. Last year I went to Sheffield Park but I need somewhere a little cheaper this year. Better be quick before winter strikes.

4) Dare I say it ...Christmas isn't far off! I bought my first ever real Christmas tree (Ethel) last year and I think I'd like another one. That was the highlight of Christmas for me!


Deborah Cardinal said...

Sorry to hear things have been tough for you lately, but it's great you have things to look forward to! :) I'm excited about Christmas already too, hehe :D

Good luck with your dolls!

Kittypinkstars said...

((hugs)) I love this time of year.. Lots to smile about! I love your blog!!!!

Fur Will Fly said...

Thanks guys - that means a lot! Must keep on the positive side!

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