28 September 2011

Winter Coat Time is Approaching

This post doesn't seem like such a great idea now we are experiencing a 'mini heatwave' or as I like to call it 'summer at last'. As usual, summer was a bit rubbish here in the UK, but we are being treated to a few extra, and unexpected, days of sunshine now - better late than never I guess. The summer wasn't a total disaster - I do remember a good few days of glorious hot sunshine, but that was followed by many more days of rain and wind.

Despite the weather, I'm starting to think about the winter season. The best bit for me is choosing a new winter coat! I love coats and have always had a fair few in my wardrobe. Being a natural bargain hunter I had previously always gone for quantity over quality - thinking I'd much rather have lots of different coats than just one of a good quality. A few years ago I decided to splash out a little more on a Mango coat, and then 2 winters ago I bought my favourite ever coat from TopShop. It has lasted me well since but the lining is starting to tear inside (and if I'm honest it seems to be a little tight right now - damn those summer icecreams and cream teas).

The upshot is that I am in the market for a new coat - yay to coat shopping. Here are a few I've found online so far. You can follow my style board on Pinterest if you'd like to see any other fashion gems I've fallen for!

I did order this last one from ASOS in the red bery colour but it didn't fit my shape properly so it had to go back. While I like the others, none of them quite live up to my old TopShop coat, so the search continues......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous...I "almost" want a coat. Although after having been raised in upstate NY I have had my fill of snow and opt in for my coastal So Ca weather instead:)

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