13 October 2008

Tigsy Ventures Abroad

So to continue the summer adventures of Tigsy the Tiger-Moose; after a short nights sleep in Portsmouth Tigsy was up and about early ready to catch the 3 hour ferry to France. He managed a little nap on board and kept himself amused by reading his French phrasebook and looking out the window.

Once settled into the gite Tigsy soon adapted to the laid back French way of life, and tucked into many a croissant, pain au chocolat, baguette and stinky cheese. He soon developed a taste for the French wine too! Not speaking much French, Tigsy found it quite tough when out and about, but he did manage to visit some sites. He enjoyed a trip to a Chateau and a Tank Museum.

The highlight of his holiday was absolutely the trip to the zoo. Tigsy loved the giraffes and thought they looked even stranger than he does!
Tigsy was quite sad when the 2 weeks in france were over, but he did have one last adventure - the trip home was on an aeroplane! He was scared to begin with but by the time he had got used to being in the air, it was time to land. Back home again.

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