21 October 2008

Bye Bye Summer!

We've had a rubbish summer overall in the UK, but September and October have had some gorgeous sunny days, although I think that is pretty much all over now. OK it does look sunny outside as I'm typing this, but by the fact that my hands are so cold they're going numb, I'd say it doesn't exactly feel warm out there!

Well to make the most of these warm Autumn days we took Tigsy on a few days out to the South Coast. He even fitted in a spot of sunbathing at Camber Sands. I'd never been there before and was surprised at what a lovely sandy beach it was, especially as Hastings just down the road is just pebbles (although I'm not knocking Hastings!).

As I predicted, some of the other plushies are a little jealous of Tigsy because he's always off visiting new places, so Goldie came along to Camber Sands too. She used to go everywhere with me when I was little and I think she was feeling a bit left out (although she has pride of place at home).

Another day we had a drive to Rye Harbour and did a spot of blackberry picking. You should have seen the state of Tigsy once he'd finished! Luckily I had wet wipes to hand.

It's horrible to think that we have to wait about 5 months now for some warm weather, but I guess there are some benefits to winter
- I get to wear a coat (I love coats!)
- some good photo opportunities
- mulled wine
- evenings snuggled up in the warm on the sofa
- um, that's about it......
Bye Bye Summer, I'll miss you!


Half an Acre said...

Your plushies are mad!
can't wait to see you at WeMake!!!

kim* said...

wow its still warm here in california...im lucky. :) but not so lucky cause its not pretty where i live.

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