05 October 2008

Mad Scientists of Etsy - Team Challenges

One of the Etsy teams I am a member of is called the Mad Scientists of Etsy (MSOE) and as the name suggests, it is made up of scientists who are also crafters. There are over 100 members now, and we make a huge range of different items; from plush to jewellery, photography to toiletries, and everything in between!

There is a link to the new team website and blog on the sidebar of this page if you would like to learn more about us. Just search for 'msoe team' or 'msoeteam challenge' under the tags section on the Etsy website for our items.

Every month we vote on a team challenge topic and so far I have managed to conjure up an entry for each one (although Octobers is looking unlikely - the topic is geothermal!).

These have been my entries so far:

April - Science as Art: 'On the Origin of Plush...'

May - Organic Chemistry: Carbon Coasters and Carbon Canvas

June - Leonardo da Vinci: 'The Vitruvian Plush' and 'The Vitruvian Plush Canvas'

July - Platypus: 'Purple Pete the Plush Platypus'

August - Microbiology: 'Plush Red and White Blood Cells'

September - Nicholas Copernicus: 'I Am Copernicus'

Don't forget to look at other member's challenge entries too!


Lauren said...

I love the Origin of Plush! My mom is a chemistry teacher- she would love your stuff. :)

Amanda said...

hahahha ~ great job on copernicus!!

OH! the word verification word is awesome: dnatujre ... take off the j and you have d(e)nature! :P

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