05 February 2012

Mis-matched - Project 52

Week 4 of this year's project had the great theme of 'mis-matched' which instantly made me think of science and art. I love both, although art is my true favourite. 

To most people, science and art just don't mix. Science seeks to explain the wonders that art revels in (or maybe I'm talking nonsense). They may be mis-matched also because often when you see something with a scientific eye, you fail to see its beauty. Sorry if this is coming across as pretentious rubbish. It's hard to get the point across without using flouncy words!

I happen to use science in some of my art, so they can work together, but it can be a challenge to use both ways of seeing the world at the same time.

I love using scientific equipment at home and bought the conical flask to use as a vase, and the measuring cylinder is from Ikea for the kitchen. I set this up in my light tent:

I had to brighten the image a bit and increase contrast, then I used Reala effect on Picnik to really make the colours pop. I also quite liked adding a polaroid effect, as below, but decided the white background needed to stay a crisp clear white.

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