12 February 2012

30 Before 30 Project Update

After a bit of a quiet time on my 30 before 30 project, I realised I only have 4 months to finish the whole list! Queue the panic. While I thought I'd been plodding merrily along, it turns out I've only actually ticked off 6 items. That is just 20% of the list in 67% of the time!!! Oops. In my defence, 4 items can't be completed until practically the last day, but that still leaves 20 things I haven't done yet! You might be able to tell that my tension levels are increasing as I write this. Perhaps I need that meditation class right now. 

So, I need to start tackling the list methodically. In the next couple of weeks I think I can complete numbers 3 (chopping), 10 (tea), 12 (earrings), 13 (embelish), and 18 (egg). 

Numbers 7 (Eye), 11 (camping), 14 (cruise), 15 (Zenit-EM) and 19 (lanterns) need warmer weather so they can wait until the spring. 

The 4 that can't be finished until the last day/month are 16 (365), 23 (music), 24 (scrapbook) and 25 (recipes).

There is a meditation class on this Thursday I can go to. If I wimp out it is on for the next 2 Thursdays as well, so that takes care of number 4 (meditation).

Numbers 5 (books), 20 (films) and 28 (run) are in progress, but need to be sped up.

I need to save the money for number 22 (massage).

So that leaves numbers 6 (Photoshop), 9 (eyes), 17 (wig), 29 (wine) and 30 (shop), for which I have no excuse. I think I need a big dollop of bravery and a push to get on with them!

Feeling motivated, I'm off to carry on with number 5 right now!..............

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